Friday, September 24, 2010

One of the only things that keeps usgoing, what we feel in

ourselves throughout our whole body, that brings people together no matter where they came from is music. People come together from all over the country or even the world to listen to those particular sounds that those artists create. It is amazing to observe such events because even though people meet for the first time in their lives, the goodenergy and peacefulness, creates a warm and welcoming community where everyone is able to connect. Music festivals or shows is like walking through a library, everyone's a character, everyone has many differentand interesting stories to share, everyone is different but yet all are the same. It is always interesting to sit in the middle of it and observe different characters and study people. Their expressions, emotions, actions are so amazing to watch because everyone is lookingfor an adventure, everyone is looking tomake new friends. It's a completely different environment then for example a supermarket where people barely even look at you, give you the fake smile, and walk away. These places, these people, are family. Everyone takes care of each other even if they don't know you, gives you hugs to let you know that you're welcome and to share the good energy and the positive vibrations that everyone is experiencing. It is truly one of the most amazing things to experience and a good place to meet new and interesting people.

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