Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Underneath the Bird Cage

Going on top of the hills, to the very bright light of the purpleness fusion.
Once the head of the cat mountain has been reached, we look down at the tiny colonies of ants, all running round what seems like aimlessly, yet all having a purpose, a destiny.

A different creature, something unknown has walked off in the distance. Looking at the world through the colored lenses, through small pieces of plastic, creates a different world, new imagination and outlook is now being created.

Faces were everywhere, carved into every tiny corner, every wall that I'd turn to, were different hidden messages, faces, eagles, creatures. Glowed bright under the moon light, the forest that we had to cross to get to the bird cage, was a very warming place to be that night, very powerful energy was surrounding and swirling around the trees that glowed and stood peacefully in the darkness.
We have come across upon this beautiful piece of metal in the middle of the field. The bird cage stood silently in the moon light, inviting wonderful creatures to come in and find the two floored swing.


Neon,plastic bracelets, lights, bright colorful characters from all over the planet, all stuffed in different rooms with beats blasting from each corner. Never have I truly understood the obsession with such things, however, it is a very beautiful rave scene after all. The obsession with plastic bracelets called candy was always such a silly thing to me but each bracelet, passed on from person to person, has a lot of meaning which was very interesting to notice. Raves were always an interesting place to find yourself in, you never know where you will end up or who you will meet. Giant amounts of energy being spilled out from each single person on the dance floor, creates one of the most amazing scenes. People expressing different body motions and hand movements, bodies touching one another, everyone's minds all connecting together, focusing on the sounds that are being created, that are controlling them almost, what an amazing experience to be a part of. Everyone expressing themselves in their own ways, in their own motions.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Everyone gets born in a specific area, on that particular piece of land that produced all your ancestors and everyone from your type of species;who have left their energies behind. And while you are living in this particular place that you are now becoming more familiar with,you begin to grow out your own roots in that specific place, let out all your energy into the soil of that piece of land. Everyone around the world, has their own roots that were let go off somewhere that are now still there, growing. Roots are everywhere, they are the most important thing not only to the trees but to us as well, our connection to the Earth.