Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh bookface...

It is interesting how such a website can suck you in for hours. Every morning the first thing that pops into my head is " did I get any new messages?!" It's crack, I mean really. I think less about pot then bookface and this is a serious problem I feel. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Bookface is definitely addicting,no question. Is it cause of the excitement of sitting on that one website at that same time and being able to reach out to peeps from all over the world, knowing what they are doing and who they are talking to? The whole concept is very odd if you think about it. I feel as if every day, people are more curious about what the other humans are doing in their every day lives and who their friends are (even if they do not know them very well) then things that are actually important, things that are happening within our system and what is happening to our planet. Click, reload, click, NEW MESSAGE! Go back, do the same. I bet you that if everyone's bookface got deleted tomorrow, there would be complete chaos. Why don't peeps go out into the real world and interact with people face to face? Why do we need to start hiding behind these machine screens nowadays? For example when you're sitting on the subway and if you begin conversing with someone, most people would find that "strange" so instead all the zombies simply entertain themselves and get sucked into their little machines and toys to pass the time and not have to deal with these so called "strangers". After all "strangers are just people we still have yet to meet" I definitely need to get off it. right now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ohhh woah lookie here llamamasha has begun creating in the time of hibernation. I really don't want your human paper for these shirts, I just started my project, however, I am pretty broke and some donation would be nice if you're interested in getting one of these. Like I said this is the only shirt I have right now, I'll be making more in the future. If you would like any specific design on it, let me know. :) Made with a regular sharpie marker and is all hand drawn. In the future however, I will probably get something better for cloth so that it doesn't wash off.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stop falling into another corporate trap, you are not saving anything by buying go green bullshit products. It is only giving the corporations and industries more money, which caused the problems in the first place!!! WAKE UP!! It's just greenwashing, production, consumers, greed,money.Same bullshit again and again. We have to start fighting and destroying the actual corporations before it is too late.Corporations and industries are not helping us in any way. What theyre doing is taking our money to make more crap so they can become rich,more products,more money. while destroying this only planet that we have to live on and all the other species that live on it. I don't think it's fucking fair for the other species to be caged in and murdered, they have a right to live on this planet as well. People are too greenwashed by this point because they think that by donation to charities and other crap they're actually doing something, they're not, they're only giving more money to the corporations, it's all part of the idea. They came up with this green bullshit as another form of brainwashing because people can now feel comfortable because they feel like they are actually doing something and helping the environment. Recycling and doing other "environmentally friendly" things, just keeps us occupied, giving our society illusions. While big corporations and industries are poisoning our waters, air, land, giving people cancer every day cause of all these toxins,they were the problem in the first place.People are too afraid and are too lazy to do anything about it, they keep lying to themselves and making themselves feel comfortable while knowing that while industrial civilization will keep going, sustainability will never be achieved. We're all just tools, all slaves for another big machine. It's time to get off our ass and start fighting, break the machine. Of course it won't be easy, of course we have to take violent acts and people will be killed but we have to keep fighting because time is running out and there is no other planet, no other home. I don't understand how people can sit back and relax while their home is being poisoned and destroyed.While their families are dying of cancer, while they're putting shit in our food.Sorry guys but recycling wont be enough,gardening wont be enough,taking shorter showers wont be enough (because the industries waste even more water) they're actually stealing the water pretty much. meditating for peace wont be enough, hoping for someone to stand up and change something will not be enough.We're running out of time,we, the people, have to start fighting, its the only way.