Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Underneath the Bird Cage

Going on top of the hills, to the very bright light of the purpleness fusion.
Once the head of the cat mountain has been reached, we look down at the tiny colonies of ants, all running round what seems like aimlessly, yet all having a purpose, a destiny.

A different creature, something unknown has walked off in the distance. Looking at the world through the colored lenses, through small pieces of plastic, creates a different world, new imagination and outlook is now being created.

Faces were everywhere, carved into every tiny corner, every wall that I'd turn to, were different hidden messages, faces, eagles, creatures. Glowed bright under the moon light, the forest that we had to cross to get to the bird cage, was a very warming place to be that night, very powerful energy was surrounding and swirling around the trees that glowed and stood peacefully in the darkness.
We have come across upon this beautiful piece of metal in the middle of the field. The bird cage stood silently in the moon light, inviting wonderful creatures to come in and find the two floored swing.

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